Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Magnificent Seven...

I've been thinking of trying to reduce down the number of lures I carry partly for practical reasons but also as a challenge to see how few presentations I think I can get away with to cover ALL conditions Rock, Sand, Surf / Surface, midwater, bottom, and Night or Day! I thought perhaps five might do it for me but I've finally settled on a MAGNIFICENT SEVEN as follows...

Top - Smith Zip Sea Pop / Zorus Patchinko
Mid - Feed Shallow / Zonk Gataride
Deep - IMA Barbarossa
Soft - Wave Worm / One up Shad

I'm gonna cheat here and not commit to colors as I want the option of changing to suit water clarity may it be crystal clear, tinged, or soupy, also the soft plastics I reserve the right to fish from weightless through to say a 14g /4/0 weedless Jig Head which gives me another at least ten presentations. 

So for what its worth there you have it I'd really like to reduce what I carry (And buy!) and that's what I've come up with and all I need now is some fish to cast at...

What's your Magnificent Seven?