Sunday, August 19, 2012

A New Low?

Just back from a trip away that was well...a complete non event fish wise! I traveled to an area that was producing for me all winter and here we are in Aug and I can't find a single fish or even get a hint of any interest. This was despite making a 4 a.m. start and fishing the change of light at a location where I'd bet my house on picking up a few fish at almost any time of the day or year even. The tides were big the wind from a southerly quarter with a bit of swell but it does have to be said the recent powerful weather system or "Hurricane" (As we were told it would be) had stirred things up with water clarity varying greatly between locations. BUT, I've built on many hours of local fishing knowledge, I'm using new techniques (Maybe I should revert back) ; ), better equipment etc etc but it all means nothing if they're not there for whatever reason. It does make me think (Presuming this is weather related) what Irish Bass Fishing might become if the commercials plundered the numbers to a point at which this standard of fishing is the norm but hey lets not go there. So what to do? Back off and wait for stable weather - not really an option for an addict, change methods, locations, timings? Maybe but that probably isn't the answer, carry on fishing regardless when it looks hopeful? Yes that's probably what I'll be doing!