Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 – A Game of Three Halves

A welcome but all too rare summer of 2013 fish.

It all started with the big chill, weeks of Easterly winds that blew and blew and with them came the low temps that had the knock on effect of keeping our Sea temps low and our catch rates even lower.
And so we waited and waited...Eventually it came, the second phase, a glorious summer and those first nice gentle onshore breezes that warmed the air, stirred the sea and raised our hopes but ultimately delivered very little by way of fish landed for most. It got so bad that at times it felt that our Bass Fishing no longer felt like a worthwhile “Full time” hobby for the Day Game and a glimpse of a future none of us want to even contemplate, so a lot of time was spent prowling the coast after dark in the hope of improving our chances...This worked to degree but it was still tough going. 
Fast forward to the Autumn and the third phase, it stayed warm until quite recently and thank God the fish started to show when the conditions were right, all's well that ends well...

So what will 2014 bring us, nobody knows but I'm looking forward to finding out... Thanks for Reading.