Saturday, December 14, 2013

Have a Break - Have a Winter Off.

For the first time in 7 Seasons I'll be taking a break from the Bass over the remaining months of winter to pursue other outdoor projects and return fresh and revitalised in the Spring when there will hopefully be a good head of the Spiny Silver Ones to target.

That will naturally mean less posting to this blog and I may get tempted to do some sporadic fishing between now and April ish but the time has come to take a rest from what has been a relentless (C&R) hunt and reflect on the many hours spent that have contributed to the 260+ posts to this blog over the past 4 years. For every photo I've posted there were probably on average about 50 I didn't so there must be around 13,000 fishing photos on my various hard drives at this stage and yes I have backed them up!

The beauty of being just an angler and blogger is that I don't constantly need to find material to blog as a front window for a business so this holiday will come at no cost to me other than probably some lost readers. Another plus of my position is that I can tell it as I see it without the need to hype things up, worry about fishing politics, or always make out that everything in the garden is rosy...

Along with many others I have noticed the fishing get progressively harder of late, despite the stunning advances in equipment and techniques, and as a result it has been it has to be said, less rewarding in say the last three seasons. I am realistic that this is the mere blink of an eye in Bass fishing cycles and I'm ok with the theory that this is weather and other variables related for now.

So if you don't find much new to read here for a while you know the reason, thanks as always for reading. 

Merry Christmas and a Fishy New Year - David Norman