Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fiiish Black Minnow - Anything new?

I've been reading all the great coverage this bait is getting for a while now and I'm wondering, 
is there anything new here that has outstanding fish catching potential over say for example a 
Sawamura One Up Shad or a Daiwa Tournement D'Swim when rigged perfectly for the conditions?

I've not fished with these, maybe I will at some point out of curiosity and if they produce outstanding results I'll be carrying them every time I head out. I'm completely open mined on this one and always open to anything that works better than what I'm already using...

The number one benefit I can see here is the package, everything is designed to fit together in one package to give a weedless presentation which is unusual and will really suit some people. Next I can see that it looks like a fish or should I say Fiiiiiiiish - Great for confidence, natural colouring - confidence again maybe? I'm also thinking about the eye and may even experiment with adding eyes to some of the soft baits I use and swear by, rattles are another add-on I must revisit - after all it can't hurt can it?

Has anybody else got an opinion on this?