Saturday, May 21, 2011

New v Old.

Here's an interesting comparison........

On the left we have the very exotic Duo Press Bait Fusion - Slim a hi tech casting jig packed with design features such an asymmetrical shape a rail attachment for the treble hook to slide up the body of the lure in casting to improve the aerodynamics, realistic scaling detail, a bubble gum pink back that fades beautifully into a shimmering underbelly and an eye that's quite frankly intimidating

Price around 28 Euro from a few specialist retailers in Ireland or from overseas.

On the right we have the good old Kilty Lure (Caught my first few Bass on one) basically its a lump of metal that's been bent and chromed with a sticky label on it that's going to fool nobody.

Price 4 Euro available from every tackle shop in Ireland.

Now, here's the question. Will the Press Bait outperform the Kilty enough to justify the cost and effort to source one?

My answer - Don't care, I want one anyway!