Sunday, May 29, 2011

SAKURA Shinjin 862 LR-MH

After months of research I think I've found my rod for heavier work in the 2011 season. 
My SAKURA Shinjin 862 LR-MH (Which translates to 8' 6" Long Range - Medium Heavy) arrived today from Absolute Fishing. One phone call to Cian and the rod was delivered within 24hrs for €150 including p&p which has to be excellent value and great service. I've yet to test the rod as we are in the closed season (Not long now till 15th June) but on first impressions it exceeds my expectations for the money. It has to be said this is not a high end rod but having looked at many which didn't have the elements I was looking for I think this rod will suit my needs perfectly. I was concerned that Sakura don't quote a weight for the rod but on first picking up the rod in its bag I knew it wasn't an issue, not sure what it weighs but its as close to anything else I've handled recently. Putting the rod together I see the latest Fuji "K" Series rings and even the orange that looked a bit garish in the brochure is in fact more of a burnt brown and quite pleasant to look at. The handle is exactly the same as my Yamaga Blanks Ballistick 85/16, a Fuji up screw design which builds the grip around the reel and gives a very comfy handle. I think this rod will be just the job for job for blasting out the bigger lures and handling (Hopefully) bigger fish in challenging situations!