Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last orders....

Decided to see out the pre closed season with two sessions on Sat 14th, an afternoon foray to rough ground and if not successful a night session. The afternoon session was fishless, weed had been pushed onto the coastline I was fishing by the westerly winds of the past few days and it must have been enough to put the fish off. So it was back out for session II as the light faded, at a different location, and would you believe the first cast produced this lively fish to the sand eel like Mommotti SS140 ACC. Moving on I spotted a disturbance in the moonlit water, cast towards it and connected with a solid fish which was landed after a battle and I released the gleaming bar of silver at approaching 1 hr before the closed season.

Time to give it a rest now for a month, looking forward to the main event !!