Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lucky Costa’s

Had a bit of luck during an evening into night session this week... Waded into a rocky and very weedy spot on the falling tide with my daytime Costa Sunglasses perched on my baseball cap (Yes I have two pairs, obscene isn’t it !) and fished until darkness, as darkness fell I decided to give up and, crossing back over the weeded rocks, slipped and fell backwards into a rock pool flooding my waders. Oblivious to any other problems I waded back to dry land shivering a bit and climbed back up the hill to the car to beloved Costa’s on head! What to do? Leave them to the rocks weed and the darkness our launch a search and rescue mission? I dumped rod and equipment at the car, grab a second head torch, marched back down the hill waded back to said rockpool (Or was it that one !?!) to see nothing other than water and weed, retraced my steps back to fishing location looked in more rockpools and was about to call off the search when under the light of my head torch I spy an unnatural item in amongst the bladderack....a kind of Grey black spike? A few inches away I see an identical plastic “Spike” I don’t believe it success !!! I reach into the rockpool and grasp my beloved glasses in disbelief still in perfect codition!
Well after all they are Costas and they are called Brine...