Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A tough day...

Today delivered the kind of fishing we'd expected yesterday - Poor! It all looked good at first as we fished into the drizzling rain, nice clear water and a fish was hooked but not landed early on it having gone for my static plastic as the bait got put through the washing machine current driven by the swell. Things went downhill from there when my VERY expensive rod broke at the tip section for no apparent reason but as always Cian at Absolute Fishing was on the ball and a new tip section was in the post from the manufacturer before I'd finished my packed lunch, now that's great service! We checked out a few more marks with no success and witnessed a much sadder breakage, this time a Great Black Backed Gull with a broken wing standing on a rock unable to fly and paitently waiting for the inevitable end. Jim made a call to the local services but its chances were not good. Crikey can it get much worse !?! On a more positive note the forecast is looking better for tomorrow with even the possibility of some sunshine whoopee!
PS For photographic evidence that even the ability to walk on water was not enough today see Here.