Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Had a very different and enjoyable fishing session with local legend Michael Quirke last weekend. The plan was to target flounders on a rising to full tide, in the event the flounders didn’t show but we had a unique angling experience all the same. From the outset we could see into the clear shallow tidal pool almost as if it were an aquarium and when testing the action of our small plastics in the shallows they were immediately attacked by miniature Blenny like fish, sometimes smaller than the plastic themselves, that would dart out from under the rocks. Michael eventually scaled down and started catching them on crab which had been brought along as a plan B for the flounders (See above). From our vantage point we could witness some huge mullet cruising around and  shoals of other smaller species that we couldn’t quite identify, or catch! We were constantly surrounded by massive shoals ever of busy sand eels.
All in all this style of light fishing with plastics in and estuary (LEF maybe?) has a lot of fun potential and would be ideal for kids as there was so much going on and all very visual.
On reflection one thought that crossed my mind was that it’s easy to blame high pressure and a biting north easterly wind, as it was on that day, for killing off the action when at our normal Bass fishing activities but from what we saw everything else in food chain was acting as normal and totally oblivious to what was happening in the skies above...