Saturday, December 24, 2011


It suddenly struck me the other day that the internet “Favourites”  or links to sites I find of interest are actually something I’ve come to  view as quite valuable or even as possessions of sorts. Having had a quick count up I find I have around 30 Folders containing about 200 links and the list grows on a daily basis! I don’t do as much research as I used to but I still like to find new information and resources.
 I would credit the internet a great deal with my development as a Bass angler, no way would I have gained as quickly what I have in terms of knowledge, equipment , contacts not to mention live weather & tidal information webcams and so on. The web allows us all  to communicate and learn from others via quality Forums like The Lure Forum  (Not a huge user) email and even the dreaded Facebook (Again I’m not a big user).
Having said all this it means nothing without hours of focused effort with rod in hand especially when the fishing is tough, when it comes to learning, and I’ve been very lucky to have the time for both the web research and the fishing!
I don’t want to be a keyboard warrior who lives half his fishing life on the web. I will never be, and don’t want to be a “Super poster” on any of the forums but there are some very clued up posts amongst the nonsense.
This blog has been a rewarding experience and has added greatly to my fishing life as have the wonderful blogs of many others, the digital photography with editing software and the ability to post photos, with text, in seconds for anybody in the world to read, even from small hand held devices, is quite simply amazing and so easy to take for granted. It will also be funny to look back at what is a marvel now and compare it to what becomes the norm in the future, as with all things.
The digital age has been an incredible assest to all Anglers and will continue to be going forward,  it will fascinating to see,  and hopefully be a tiny part of,  it’s continued evolution going forward......will it be something similar to classic futuristic Sci-Fi  films “The Matrix”?  Hopefully not! Anyway don’t worry about all that for now just concentrate on having a