Sunday, September 4, 2011

Less than ideal?

Decided to pass on the All Ireland Hurling final between Tipperary and Kilkenny this afternoon in favour of............going fishing, what a surprise! The phrase "Less than ideal conditions" is a bit overused I feel but casting a lure into 30knot+ headwind which was enough in itself to put a bend in the rod and with the lures barely pentrating (maybe not a day for the fly) I think you could definately say these were not ideal conditions. You can imagine what the sea looked like, big waves and lots of white water. I opted for soft plastics with various patterns of shads and was delighted to hook and eventually land this 6lber on a Sawamura One up Shad in #064 (Wakasagi) pattern supplied by Absolute Fishing after a battle that nearly ended in disaster when the fish dived for the kelp and nearly succeded in its escape bid. It just goes to show that the fish can still be on the feed in the wildest conditions and can be caught if you have the tactics right.