Monday, August 29, 2011

Delanlande - Tete agrafes.

One of my all time favourite plastics the Xorus Midway mounted on a Decoy Hyper Worm 13 3/0 hook 
attached to a 12g Tete agrafes

I really like these well, what would you call them, erm articulated jig head weights? Whatever, they are very handy as I can use the same bait, already mounted on a suitable hook as anything from weightless, to having any size weight attached, at the moment I'm carrying 7g & 12g but the range is quite large. These weights allow me to travel light as I'm not carrying one jig head per bait. Minor drawback over traditional Texas rigged jig heads is that they're not as "Weedless" and I would still recommend a blob of suitable glue to hold the bait in position on the hook.