Saturday, December 15, 2018

My Season of 2018

As the year draws to a close I'm reflecting on what has been another voyage of fishing discoveries combined with a good dose of familiar routines that have served me well over the years, that I continue to refine. As always it came down to the weather and associated conditions, when it did all come together catches were quite good but overall 2018 cannot be considered an epic bass fishing year for me here in beautiful West Cork, when compared to previous years in recent memory. I did less trips away to other areas instead focusing on expanding on what I have here which I will continue to do in 2019...

Guided Fishing & Workshops - As ever I really enjoyed meeting and working with a growing number of visiting anglers who made the experiences a real pleasure, despite some very challenging conditions at times! To summarize everyone left with fish or a knowledge boost or both and had great fun along the way as did I   

Kayak – Inspired by the kayak fishing adventures I undertook with Steve Kean of in 2016/17 I spent a lot of my personal fishing time exploring areas that are inaccessible by foot, made many discoveries and found some wonderful new fishing opportunities. I'm already preparing to expand these activities in 2019 - Can't wait!

Cape Cod Canal - I was fortunate to make another trip to Cape Cod in 2018, primarily to fish the famed Cape Cod Canal which is a unique fishery indeed. 7 miles long, 350 feet wide and 30 feet deep, opened in 1914 having been built as a shortcut for shipping it has also become a mecca for Striped Bass fishing to the point of extreme crowds and over fishing but on its day huge Striped Bass, often taken on surface lures, can be caught, not to mention all the other species that are constantly passing through. It was an amazing trip and a privilege even if the fishing didn't fully live up to expectations due to weather conditions and a lack of sizeable bait fish species in the canal at the time of my visit. I had a great time, learnt loads and hope to return for that all illusive 50lber...😉

Lures & Tactics - Again in 2018 I found myself  reaching for Hard and Soft Needlefish lures, along with some trusted metals, rather than traditional hard plastics surface and diving lures but I find myself using them far less especially in the sometimes heavily weeded conditions we can get here in high Summer. I did more fly fishing this year than ever before as it suited the locations and conditions I found myself in very well and thoroughly enjoyed. Lots more of that to come in 2019!

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Cape Cod 2018 Photos