Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Wild West.

Fished the West of Ireland last weekend with fellow bass addict John Weir based in Co Clare. The weather preceding the weekend was not ideal with a Strong Northerly breeze blowing for 24hrs swinging to SE later in the weekend. Day one was bright, calm and surprisingly productive for me with three species being caught over rough ground on hard plastics namely Pollock Wrasse & Bass.
The Wrasse were insanely hard fighters diving straight into the nearest snag instantly when hooked, the Pollock gave quiet a good account of themselves, pound for pound and the Bass were quite docile by comparison. John joined me for Day 2 persisted with the surface lures and was rewarded with a decent bass off the top which he is seen here playing. I switched to soft plastics to target the Wrasse and had some more epic tussles with fish that I could see hitting the baits with my Costas. Looking forward to trying it all again with better conditions.