Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pentax W60

All photos on this blog have been taken using the above camera. I have to say it's been excellent. The number one feature of course is the fact that its genuinely 100% waterproof and also shockproof, which is ideal for Bass Fishing photography. The W60 uses a standard size SD card which suits me, I like the fact that the zoom is internal meaning no lens protrudes out of the camera when its powered up. Picture quality is good although I'm no expert as you might have noticed! Minor gripes might be the face recognition featue which needs to be turned of each time the camera is powered up, when not needed, which is most of the time for me. The battery can be inserted with the wrong polarity into both the camera and charger which, although does not cause damage, could have easily been designed to be impossible. Maybe a lens cover would have been a good idea. Others have noticed that the tapped hole for the tripod is off centre making it a bit more tricky to balance on a micro tripod than if it were centered. There was already a later version available when I bought this over a year ago, the W90 but it looked more of a sports camera in its bold colours whereas this on passes itself off as any other Compact Digital for all round use. 

9/10 Very Satisfied.