Saturday, October 9, 2010

L.L. Bean - Pro Shell Wading Jacket.

Recently took delivery of a new high end fishing jacket from the US. First impressions are very good and I have to say I'm not going to be biased by its cost. My slight concern was that it might be a little too warm for SW Ireland but on unwrapping I was immediately confident that it wont' be, other than on warm summer days when you probably won't need any jacket. LL Bean eluded to a fleece lining but its not the case, a tough mesh lining in places is how I would describe it which is apparently Gore Micro Grid. When putting it on it feels more like a piece of water sports wear, kayak or similar as the cuffs are neoprene and the removable neoprene skirt with separate zip immediately give you a feeling of being sealed in from the elements. All the pockets and stowage's are well thought out and all zips appear to be high quality and waterproof, as you would expect. The outer material is Gore Tex Pro shell which is the toughest Gore Tex fabric available. First outing was a rock fishing venture in the impact zone of breaking surf during which I was blasted by salt water from all directions and remained snug and warm in the jacket over chesties and only a shirt underneath. The hood is well designed and adjusts to give a perfect fit, the only minor negative is that the neck is a little open without a collar or scarf to fill it out but it is made of a very comfy material.