Friday, June 23, 2017


In addition to my Limited Guiding Service, limited that is by Time, Tides, Weather,  Conditions etc etc but hopefully not by the fish :-) I also run workshops on many areas of Responsible Catch & Release Lure Fishing for Bass, I can run a one-to-one course tailored to your Bass Fishing needs to suit you. 

Maybe you need an Intro to the whole subject of Lure Fishing or Shore Jigging (New Tech meets Old School), Surf Fishing (These two crossover), Night Fishing (Very exciting) Soft Plastics (Deadly) whatever you need to know we can sit down and discuss at length over a cuppa, run through the equipment needed, theories, techniques, facts false hoods, anything at all that comes to mind that you might be curious about, and then head out to the nearby beautiful West Cork coastline and put it all into practice...

If this sounds like something you might be interested in just drop me a message via the Contact Me button top right of this page or email me at

Keep Casting - David