Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On Hold...

As you may have noticed this blog has been quiet for a while, so with time on my hands (Backing off from bad conditions on a fishing trip away as it happens) I thought I'd finally post something.

 Its not that I haven't been fishing, quite the contrary I've been fishing as much and as hard if not harder than I ever have been in the past, loving every minute and probably having my best results locally since 2010. 

The major cause for a lack of posts has been due to a big change at work that has taken all my efforts to get under control and which I'm pleased to say is settling down again. The stress this caused me seemed to kill my creative side in a way I've luckily not experienced before.

I can't say I've missed social media in general as I was never mad about it and some aspects of it I do less than ever or very sporadically

So now I'm back so to speak I'm wondering what do you my fellow Bass anglers really enjoy reading about I wonder? Hopefully your comments via the contact me button top right (If I get any) will help me decide on a way forward, if there is one... one topic that HAS to stay on my blogging agenda is to be marine conservation. Things seem to have got so bad in some areas of Ireland's Bass fishing that people are starting to talk which will hopefully lead to some discussion and a plan of action so watch this space...

Thanks for reading - David Norman