Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hit or Run?

Thinking back over previous seasons, as one tends to do with a new one just around the corner, and as always wondering what I can do to be a more effective Bass Fisherman, especially after a season like most of 2013! 
Based on what I've learnt a tactic stands out to me as something worth considering.

I've mentioned what I've experienced quite often and have come to call "First Cast Syndrome", or a variation on it, a number of times in posts such as Here & Here and its making me think of a possible alternative approach.

If there's a high chance of getting a fish or two in the first say five casts or not at all why not fish very limited sessions, at a number of locations, at optimal times, until something happens rather than spending all my time in one or two places, or an area, if nothing gives. I haven't fully thought out exactly how and where to deploy this tactic but they would need to be locations close together and with easy access - not always a given in Bass fishing!

There are lots of situations where this wouldn't make sense and of course it can backfire and lead to a lot of Bass miles, or walking and not much fishing as can happen but its just another approach that may pay off for me when the fish are few and far between.

I equally appreciate the value of settling in to an area, taking my time, watching things unfold, getting into a rythm, working through the options etc etc but if I'm looking to be effective and beat the odds in tough conditions then it has to be said that it is too easy to get comfortable and a bit lazy when a move or two could make it all kick off for even if its only a fish rather than none. There has to be a massive difference to the drive home having landed (And released) something rather nothing.

So if during the coming season you see an Angler arrive in the distance take five casts and walk back to the car, as if some piece of equipment has broken and drive off, you'll have a fair idea now who it was ;-)