Thursday, April 4, 2013

Traces - And why not?

Ok So it's getting dark, you've just been busted off by a decent fish and you strongly suspect there are more right in front of you for the first time in a long time.. Time to re-tie. So along with the sentiments of this post Here would it be quicker to just pull out a pre-tied fluorocarbon trace of just the right length (Normally about 1 meter for me) such as the above, or start from scratch. I know it only takes seconds to grab the spool of line, pull of the correct amount, cut it to length, tie your chosen Griner/blood/ whatever knot, then tie the all important Albright or similar maybe not in that order but......if it starts to go wrong as it can for me me due to over excitement/cold fingers/poor light/or just poor tying it might help to give yourself a little bit less to worry about and get back to the all important business of  connecting with a decent fish or two without losing valuable time or worse still tying a bad knot and losing a valuable fish or even just getting frustrated and, heavan forbid, temporarily losing one's fishing mojo !!  ; )