Sunday, March 17, 2013

Small details...

The reward

Taking this post as a basic template for a session maybe we could consider the following. Will setting  the alarm half an hour early, to make sure you get to the first location with time to spare, be time well spent? Will making sure you eat some carbs before leaving home and having a snack and some water with you help you to focus during a longer than expected session? Will making sure you know not just what the weather is expected to do but what its been doing for the last few days be useful? Will loading you braid to just below the lip help with distance casting? Would tying your chosen Albright and clip knots at home in good light and with no rush help reduce the chances of a knot failing ? Would always using the same clip because you know it works perfectly every time, rather than buying what happened to be in the shop when you called in, be a good idea? How about adding rattles to your soft plastics? (More on that soon) I could keep going for pages here but my final question is - Do any of the above make a huge difference to your chances on their own? Probably not, but.......put them all together along with all the others I didn't mention and you've probably moved things quite nicely in your favor. Worth a thought?