Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another year in print...

Just received another year of the blog printed in Hardback and full color  I get two copies one for sharing with people who want to flick through it and another that will not leave the safety of my bookshelf at home. In a digital age where its all too easy to have disasters with stored media it's comforting and also very satisfying to have something physical to pick up and and look through at the end of another fishing and blogging year.  I find it amazing to look back and remember the people I've met and enjoyed fishing with, the experiences I've had, the equipment I've used and so on, nothing here, no matter how abstract, fails to produce a memory of some sort. I'd like to thank everyone for reading my weekly ramblings especially those who've signed up as a follower, welcome to Richard Andrews who makes up that number to a nice round figure of 100. If I don't post again before the holidays here's to a Christmas and the prospect of doing it all again next year!

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