Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fun & Bass Games on the Copper Coast.

Just reflecting on (And recovering from) a very enjoyable weekend’s fishing. After the Kerry trip and with the wind blowing from the East but set to go South West,  I made a risky fishing decision to head to the Copper Coast. On the Monday morning the wind had indeed turned SW but, combined with ground swell had turned most spots unfishable and in some cases downright dangerous! I checked out a few spots and eventually set off on along a strand with cleanish water only to find the water at the rock mark was even dirtier, not good. I waited for the tide to drop and allow me access to other areas pretty much having written off the morning. On returning to a rip that I lost a decent fish at last year I watched the current for a good while before deciding to try the IMA Barbarossa, in modified form to suit the conditions. Sometimes you have lures that you know catch loads of fish for others but just don’t seem to work for you but you might also have a lure that you have huge faith in that you've yet to catch on as you haven’t had the right conditions for it, such was the case for me with the Barbarrosa. I proceed to Jig the lure in the rip and was shortly rewarded with a fish just short of 7lbs followed 20mins later by another pushing 8lbs, my best back to back catch for quite a while and amazing considering the conditions and lack of fish being caught at the time.

For the afternoon session I was delighted to get an invite to meet up Cian Ger & Paul from the Absolute Fishing crew along with the Rt Hon Mr Henry Gilbey and Nick from Top Water Lures Uk. We had a real laugh touring and fishing the coast, great to meet up with you all and I hope the conditions improve for the rest of your stay Henry and Nick.