Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zip Baits ZBL System Minnow 139F

Just back from a great fishing trip. On arrival at the spot I was dismayed to find the wind gusting to 30 knots from the SE and the surf at over head high so I wasn't expecting much! Amongst other things I wanted to try the Zip Baits ZBL System Minnow 139F as reccomended by JED at Cloud nine tackle which I used for most of the session in
rotation with other similar lures (X140, TM145, TM175 SLS etc), and which amazingly produced five fish. I opted for the #721 "See Through Mist Yellow" which seemed ideal for the slightly coloured water and bright conditions as I wanted a highly visible bait. I have to say I'm impressed with this lure, it has an internal sliding weight, similar to my beloved Shore Line Shiner, which stays in the forward position during the retrieve due to a carefully calibrated magnet but slides backwards for the cast (Mag Drive) and she flys straight true and long as a result. Although it wasn't the best of conditions to assess its action (!!!) I couldn't get out of my head that it looked a bit Feed Shallow esqe in the water but I'd like another session to confirm. The lure is certainly very stable at its operating depth of 0.3 -0.5m and the bib is broad and very solid. This lure seems to be a class act.