Sunday, March 4, 2012

About now...

Surface only maybe?

Its about now that my Bass fishing mind starts engaging in relation to seasons past and the coming season in prospect.

I 'm very prone to imagining its all going to be so easy. After all, haven't I got another intense season's fishing under my belt? Which has lead to far greater knowledge than I had this time last year. My equipment is light years ahead of what I was fishing with a year ago. I've found new productive marks and improved my understanding of those I've known for some time. The memories of golden fishing experiences loom large in the memory whereas the tough sessions, weeks, even months have all but been forgotten.

I start to dream up new effective methods that may or may not work, I even go through phases of planning on making it more difficult for myself by maybe only surface fishing for the whole season, or surface and fly only, or not fishing soft plastics.

Normally the pattern from here has been, start fishing way too early for reliable fishing but find myself unable to back off because surely they're just about to arrive so best just keep going.....Last season was particularily hard I thought and the afore confessed thoughts of fishing nirvana certainly did not materialise very often!

My plan for 2012, is to start the year with MOTF (Mullet on the fly) which has just begun and should keep me occupied for a good few weeks yet, then I will be travelling to more reliable winter locations for my Bass fix until a few weeks before the closed season..

So this year I've got it all worked out and under control........what could possibly go wrong?