Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wiggly lure tuning..

Ok so maybe I've totally lost it this time but as someone who thinks a lot (Maybe too much) about his lures I think I may have a new workable idea for lure tuning.

I've been adding weight in the form of Storm suspend dots and strips, to add weight to floating lures, for some time now but this idea is a way of adding buoyancy.

To explain the reasoning, If you take these Smith Kacoon lures as an example, these are supposed to be a suspending lure but they sink when used straight out of the packet so by using these Wiggly eyes, as found in craft shops, I can slow their descent or even make them suspend properly due to the bubble of trapped air in the Wiggly eye.

Also, the Kacoon comes with an unusual light wire double hook so if I change them for a heavier pattern I'll be also adding split rings all of which will make the lure sink like a stone without some form of modification.

The streamlined shape of the Wigglys shouldn't effect the action of the lure too much and this style of fishing is as much about leaving the lure static as anything else.

These eyes come in clever tower that screws together, each section providing a lid for the one below and you can choose from a number of different colours

I'm hoping the addition of a third or fourth eye doesn't freak the fish out!