Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 Favourites

With the 2011 season drawing to a close, for what its worth, here's my favourite products of this season.

These are products I've used for most or all of this season at least, that I can reccommend as the best I've found so far for the job they do.

RodDaiwa Morethan Branzino 80ML Seabass Quest Custom
Thanks Cian, we got there in the end  : )

Reel - Daiwa Certate 3000

Hard lures - Daiwa Shore line shiner SL17f - Innako
(more on my favourite lures in 2011 to follow)

Main Line - YGK Real Sports G-Soul WX8 Ultra PE Line

Main PackVision Myket Bra

Summer wading JacketLL Bean Gortex PacLite

Soft lures - Wave Worm 5" Tikki Bamboo stick.

Jig heads - Zipper Worm Company

Best new accessory (To me) Simms Wading Staff

Best terminal tackle - Delande articulated ball head

Wading Boots - Simms Rivershed.

Waterproof pack for phone and car key - Aquapac