Saturday, August 13, 2011

Men in black.

Just back from fishing the Copper Coast with agents Cian O'Halloran and James Barry of Absolute Fishing, I felt distinctly last season in the fashion stakes with my Olive green / tan outfit but thankfully the good news is that a big brute of a Bass didn't mind, the bad news is I lost it due to over egearness. From the off it was starting to look like a tough day by local standards after a usually red hot mark failed to produce but i finally connected with a good fish and the battle was on. The fish was in a rip next to a plateau of rough ground with plenty of surf but I managed to get it to the surface eventually by which time James was standing next to me. We had a good look at the back and tail of a big fish as the trebles finally straightened from too much pressure by me and it was gone. Many thanks for the experiences Guys, I look forward to doing it all again soon.