Sunday, March 6, 2011

My season has begun....

Landed my first lure caught fish of 2011 this weekend whist on a trip to Co Kerry. I probably would of caught more had I resisted the urge to experiment with some of the many new lures and Soft Plastics I have acquired over the winter. A nice fish of average size probably between 3 and 4lbs with an unusually greenish tinge to it. The lure that did the business was my old favorite the TM 145 SLD-F.

The  trip away was most enjoyable. Having noticed a period of settled weather coinciding with some big tides I made the call to head off. It was great to be out lure fishing again and exploring an unfamiliar coastline with huge fishing potential in fabulous Irish Spring weather.

This fish was caught a month earlier than my first fish of last year, hopefully an omen of a good season ahead.