Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catch Report.

The fishing here has been truly memorable here over the last while. Thanks to some new discoveries in equipment and locations plus a lot of time and perseverance (I have fished ten out of ten days and counting) the results have been stunning. I was beginning to wonder despite the average size of fish being very good, probably at least a pound or more greater than the last two years, where the larger fish were going to come from. Last night I landed an 8.5lb fish that well and truly beats my Cork PB for shore caught plug and lure Bass of 7lb+. It still sends me into shock when I see a fish of that size in the flesh. It's been a wonderful few days, shortly before hooking the big guy I was joined by an Otter foraging along the moonlit shoreline to within a few meters of me and not the least bit bothered by my antics.

Numbers for the last ten days..............

2 - 4lb - Lost count, probably 50+
5lb - 5
6lb - 4
7lb - 1
8lb - 2
8.5lb - 1

All fish were taken on barbless hooks and returned unharmed.

Still looking for that illusive double but that will come when its ready..........