Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Evening Session

Managed a couple of early season fish here during an evening session this week.

The sea was flat calm and clear after a week of NE - NW Winds, not ideal, but after trying various lures at different depths and ranges I thought I had a hit but there are plenty of mullet around and I wondered if I'd bumped off of one. Shortly after I got a good solid hit at range and it felt so good to feel the power of a truly wild fish, shortly returned from offshore, battling away on the end of my line and to see the corresponding bend in my 7' rod as the light faded on a beautiful spring evening. As darkness fell a larger fish was hooked at closer range which immediately swam towards me for a few seconds before realizing what was happening and put up a fierce battle almost under my rod top before powering off on a couple of deep boring runs.

Great to catch here on my own patch, the first of 2010 just as the season closes for a month : (