Monday, September 14, 2009

Surprise Surprise..........

I was expecting to write about how I went fishing not expecting to catch because of Tides Weather blah blah and that's exactly how it turned out but in fact the opposite happened.

I called in on a spot to finish the evening tried something that's never worked for me in that spot before and, as they say on local radio it was hit after hit. First cast and an almighty disturbance near the lure second cast the same, next cast, bang fish on and quickly gone again with lure!

Schoolboy error, I hadn't clipped up properly. Next problem ,that was the only lure of its kind I was carrying and the vehicle ,unusually, was half a mile away, nothing for it but to run back get all similar lures, returned, carried on fishing and catching until it got dark. Between ten and fifteen fish landed in the end, all returned safely except one deep hooked fish which was kept for the table. I have no idea why the fish were where I found them and hard on the feed.