Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anton's Visit to West Cork - Part 4

So, with the pressure to find a fish gone, I wandered off down the estuary towards the deeper water to see if it was fishable. Alas , as I proved in  a couple of casts, the narrow estuary mouth was choked with lettuce weed, stirred up by the storm waves. On looking back to the now distant Anton, who was fishing in a spot I'd have told him not to bother with were he in earshot, I did a double take..... the body language looked different he seemed to be standing bolt upright in the howling wind and lashing rain but sort of jigging around a bit..... strange I thought...... maybe trying to keep warm?.......... I don't believe it, FISH ON !!

Its not easy trying to do the hundred meters sprint across quicksand, in chest waders, with a fishing rod but I managed it just in time to see a beautifully dark fish of a decent size landed by Anton much to the delight of us both. He was on a roll now and we finished off the session with a further fish each in quick succession from another spot before seeking warmth and shelter in the local bar. A sandwich with a pint never tasted better!

To be continued.........