Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anton's visit to West Cork - Part 2

On arrival at our next venue, after risking life and limb scrambling over slippery rocks to reach the waters edge, things looked more promising. The falling tide was exposing rocky areas with pools and gulleys, perfect holding areas for our quarry. We set to work with Tide Minnow 125 SLD jerk baits and proceeded to cover the fishing grounds at our feet the ocean swell foaming as it crashed over the rough coastline. After moving a few times I cast into a likely looking spot and BANG the light but powerful 8 ft rod was wrenched over the clutch screamed and the fight was on! Having hooked only two fish previously in this location and lost both I was determined for the same not to happen this time and thankfully it didn't, the fish was soon landed. I think Anton was amazed to see our beautiful Bass for the first time and also the enviroment they choose to inhabit, either way, we had opened our account early in the weekend and that had to be a good thing.