Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My Season of 2021

So 2021 is finally over, possibly one of my longest ever seasons due to an early start with the Mullet back in February and at the back end, some glorious weather in November which allowed for some epic kayak fishing for Pollock on Lure and Fly in fact I was still going and experiencing some great kayak fishing right up until Storm Barra arrived on 7th December.

COVID of course played it’s part in bookings with people understandably slow to commit to extra activities when planning their staycations, which still looked a bit uncertain early in the year, but as the season wore on I got progressively busier with lots of really memorable trips with guests new and old to reflect on… It doesn’t always go as well as I’d like but it can’t possibly, there are way too many variables and the fish will always have the final say.

I find myself time and time again coming home to my understanding wife after a guided trip especially the kayak trips saying, “You could write a book about it” and that’s because of those variables throwing up so many unexpected, often new experiences even for me and especially for the guests, which seem to be multiplied when out fishing from a kayak as opposed to onshore and on foot.

In off piste skiing or snowboarding now there’s an expression that, if having climbed the mountain before skiing it rather than being dropped off by a lift or even helicopter, you’ve “Earned your turns” and I feel it’s a similar thing with kayak fishing in that if you’ve spent time and energy paddling to get to the fish, you’ve earnt your catch a bit more than being transported to it by boat or driven to an easy access location, not to mention the green benefits but hey, each to their own…You’ll certainly feel as though you’ve had a nice work out after a kayak fishing trip though!

One thing that can’t be disputed is the movement of the ocean and sense of connection to it you'll feel when sitting in a kayak, which also puts the angler in a unique position to spot surface activity of any sort, be it fish, mammals or birds - you’re right in there amongst whatever’s happening that day and as I’ve already said every day is different, often totally different in terms of weather, sea state, wildlife witnessed and ultimately of course the fishing! Every aspect of what we do whether it be tackle, lures, techniques and especially how I operate when guiding is under constant review and change with the goal of improving the results and overall experience for my guests.

I’ve selected just some of the many many photos I have from the 2021 season for your viewing pleasure below and I hope we get to fish together in 2022. 

It’s going to be a busy one for West Cork Bass so book early to make a plan with me and secure the best tides...


KEEP CASTING - David Norman 😃